Executive/Employee Search and Placement Services

Q-SEARCH is committed to help its clients in sourcing and professionally screening applicants for their regular job openings. The company’s goal in recruitment will lessen the client’s burden and pressure of sourcing, interviewing, entertaining applicants and responding to all recruitment related inquiries. We have professionally trained and seasoned HR practitioner, which can assist clients in the recruitment of staff up to officer-level positions.Scope of Service:

One Time Placement
Direct placement recruitment for rank and file level or for big volume recruitment needs of the client. This is good for organizations setting up or beefing up operations and would not want to take on the tedious recruitment process.

Executive Search
Direct placement recruitment for top level and middle management positions assuring our clients that only the most qualified and seasoned professionals are hired for the job.

Personal Background Investigation Services
Scope of ServicesOur complete Investigation Report shall specifically cover the following areas of concern:
• Identity and civil status of the subject person;
• Neighborhood checking;
• Educational/school checking if subject reached college level provided the Client submits the subject’s student number authority to check school records, and photocopy of transcript of records as required by the school for verification ;
• Employment/school checking covering a span of five (5) years;
• Information on court cases of subject person, if any;
• Other information as may be specified by the client.

Contractual/Job Contracting

Temporary Staffing
● Q-SEARCH provide employees on a tempo/reliever basis, not exceeding five months, to relieve or take over the functions of the Client’s regular employees, who are on vacation, maternity leave, emergency leave or employees who cannot handle additional/seasonal work load.
Project Based Staffing
● Q-SEARCH can provide project-based employees for a period of a year or more as determined by the Client Company’s established endeavor, like a special project or task, which is not a regular or continuing activity.

Managed Staffing
● Q-SEARCH involves offloading the responsibility of the recruitment, hiring and training, of individuals for long select non-core positions while management of the overall department process remains the client’s responsibility. This type of service provides a contingent workforce for an extended period of time, usually one year or more. The Supplier is integrated in the business process but lacks ownership of the overall process.

Compliance to Labor Code and Wages Orders

We ensure fair, just and timely payment of their wages (nothing less than prescribed minimum wage) including benefit covering Overtime Pay, 13th Month Pay, Holiday Pay and Service Incentive Leave Pay.

Compliance to Mandate Benefits

Q-SEARCH complies in the remittance of mandated benefits, like Social Security System (SSS), whose premium table is based on the total compensation of the employee, fixed salary/wages, ECOLA/ Allowances, overtime pay, 13th month pay and paid leaves, as reflected in the SSS Circular No. 22-P dated August 12,2005. Compliance also includes remittances to Employee Compensation (EC), Philhealth, Medicare, PAG-IBIG and Withholding Tax.

Client Satisfaction Focus

• Regular Feedback and Client Support Mechanisms
• Performance Evaluation System

Payroll Services

Q-SEARCH is equipped and competent to handle the client company’s payroll requirements for their employees, officers and staff. Payroll services will include payment of employee’s salary; facilitate remittance of SSS, Philhealth, Pag-ibig, Employees Compensation (EC), Medicare and Withholding Tax to authorized receiving institutions, which shall be in compliance with government guidelines.

Q-SEARCH offers its expertise in payroll processing for monthly, semi-monthly or weekly payouts. It includes computations outside an employee’s regular pay such as incentives, bonuses, commissions, etc. our payroll processing is highly flexible and can adapt to any company policy.

The Outsourced Payroll Services relieve the clients of all the complex and confusing rules and regulations related to processing payroll. As Q-SEARCH‘s partners, it is guaranteed that the clients will comply with all government requirements and deadlines. This will allow Human Resources and Accounting to focus on other relevant and critical concerns.

Psychological Testing Services

Scope of Service:

Our psychological tests cover the following job groups, areas to be evaluated for each complete psychological evaluation report.

LEVEL I – Clerical and Skilled Positions

A. Clerical Positions – Clerk-typist, Filing Clerk, General Clerk and other related positions
(Practical Thinking, aptitude for skills relevant to the job, attitude towards work, superiors and co-workers; social and emotional adjustments).

B. Skilled Positions – Messenger, Janitor, Driver, Utility man and other related positions.
(Practical thinking, enthusiasm at work, stress tolerance, conformity to Company rules and regulations, human relations at work, emotional and Social adjustments).

LEVEL II – Professional/Technical and Supervisory Positions

A. Professional Level – Accounting Clerk, Section Secretary, Executive Secretary, Receptionist and other related positions

B. Technical Level – Chemist, Engineer, Teller, Bookkeeper, Accounting Assistant, Marketing Assistant, Personnel Assistant and other related positions
(Practical Thinking, Communication and quantitative skills, leadership potentials, work motivation, conformity to company rules and regulations and superiors, ambition level, emotional and social adjustments).

C. Supervisory Level- Supervisor, Foreman, Executive Assistant, and other related positions

(Intelligence, Skills in Planning and Organizing, Decision-making, Controlling, attitude towards management, peers and subordinates, emotional adjustment, tolerance for stress and pressures)

LEVEL III   – OFFICER/MANAGERIAL POSITIONS                                                              

 A. Managers, Officers, and other Executive Level Position.

(Mental Capacities covering both practical as well as Critical Thinking, Aptitude for Planning and Decision Making,  Attitude towards work and Company’s Policies,  Colleagues, Management and Leadership Qualities, Social as well as Emotional Adjustment,  tolerance for stress and pressures).